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The world demands constant invention and since improvisation is often the invention of choice reinvention may well be a necessity. Then too, circumstance can dictate the need for reinvention. Such is my current status; I am seeking reinvention. To that end I have started this blog to chronicle the challenges and strategies involved in my reinvention. I shall include links to my novel, Devil’s Gut.

I live in North Carolina, outside any municipality but with significant family ties to two communities, Aberdeen and Pinebluff. Aberdeen has reinvented itself, to some degree. Pinebluff has not. Setting is a critical element in a novel and setting for these two communities has contributed to the process of reinvention. Setting no doubt plays a role in my own reinvention.

Aberdeen was frequently referred to as The Main Street of North Carolina during the late 19th Century and early 20th Century. Many people still referred to the area as Devil’s Gut, a Civil War reference, and most businessmen thought it unbecoming. A delegation of businessmen petitioned the State legislature to declare the name Aberdeen. However, the rest of the reinvention process was not nearly as easy.

My own reinvention will not be as simple as changing my name. I will have to change what I do. I shall chronicle those changes in short stories, blog posts, and samples of Devil’s Gut.

The journey begins today. I look forward to my discoveries and the interaction I might receive from fellow rein-venters! I welcome your comments and suggestions. One of the quests I have set for myself is determining what makes my words sing. I can’t carry a tune in the proverbial basket; but I do so want to sing with my words. Some call it voice, I guess. I think that too generalized an answer.

Thank you for tuning in.

The author of my reinvention – Me!