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Nobody can reinvent me but me. Whatever comes of this journey will be the direct result of my creation.

Let me offer a caveat to this notion. “If it is to be it’s up to me” is largely true, but nobody does it alone. The ultimate choices are mine and I shall succeed or fail largely because of those choices. Partners, however, are indispensable. They are the channel buoys for our journey. Chosen properly these partners provide a perspective we may not see from within the muddle of invention.

Do not forestall reinvention for the lack of partners. When you’re ready they will appear. In my case, they were there before I knew I was ready. A little luck is always appreciated.

Keep yourself sensitive to the possibility that such partners are there to be found. I am fortunate to have several good partners. These partners have a collective experience and training invaluable to my challenges ahead. They are also honest. Ye, even brutally so. The person that is comfortable telling you when you are full of Store-High-In-Transit, is irreplaceable. Honesty + Expertise = A Fighting Chance!

At the risk of being political, there is an element of our world that claims economic primogeniture. Nobody does anything alone, really. We experience frequent clarion calls today to return to the ethos of our founding fathers. Read the Mayflower Compact. Connection was a necessity. Connection is still essential; it’s just more complicated.

If I may, I would like to direct you to a recent issue of Sun Magazine and two articles: one is about Ran Ortner’s love affair with the sea, the other is Cary Tennis’ “Citizen of the Dream”. Together, they embrace this post about tapping partners more powerfully than I. Where it not for a ‘Partner’ I might never have read these inspirational messages.