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I do not think of this reinvention as a “Do-Over”; there are no “Do-Overs” except in a friendly game of golf- and my golf has never been friendly.

Reinvention is a transformation, an evolution, a re-set, if you will. Another approach is that it’s a restart or retelling of my story. The web is full of stories chronicling people who have reinvented themselves by accident or by turning a hobby into a business. I don’t think I’ll wait for an accident; I prefer a little more direction and control. As for hobbies, I don’t build birdhouses, game boards or bake cookies, muffins, or scones! I don’t have a secret chili recipe or an heirloom baked bean formula. I don’t have any dramatic technological skill either- and no garage! So the scenarios of Famous Amos Cookies or Apple Computers are a real stretch.

Some people reinvent themselves simply by finding a new job, not that easy in this current economy. I have never been interested in a job, however; my need has always been for a way of life defined by total immersion. Purpose has always been a fundamental building block of anything I’ve done. Think: Form Follows Function. To date, my function has been to share experiences, ideas, and stories with others. The shared experience has always provoked the most ardent of energies. Sharing took the form of teaching, directing, and producing for a goodly number of years. Suffice it to say those opportunities are limited now by circumstance. That’s Ok; I understand and accept those limitations. The need, however, for communicating still burns and any reinvention of me must pay homage in some way to that basic need.

A premise for my journey seems necessary. As Dumas has been reported to have written – I never read this- “How can you know what road to take unless you know where you’re going.” Everything in life proceeded by a premise, every action and event, however small, has a discernible antecedent. Without this antecedent there is only wandering random action. I know because I’ve been there.

I know where I would like my reinvention to go. I envision an immersion in writing in order to share the mysteries surrounding life. Despite all the water that has passed beneath this bridge and all the self-analysis concerning a reinvention, I remain a mystery to me! My premise then, as it relates to a goal, appears to be to reinvent my passion for sharing as a writer.

I’m not sure it’s that simple! Writing may be the goal, but a more specific premise might be to discover a reinvention of behavior that will give rise to success as a writer. A good premise will always imply the journey. My goal must, of necessity, include specific roads to the goal.

Earlier posts have suggested a clearing of the landscape and preparation. I have reassessed fitness and health as a necessary component of this process. I have initiated this blog not only as a forum for chronicling my progress, but also as an opportunity to practice writing, find a voice, and test some stories. One might label this platform building! Following the current strategies championed for writers I have even created a twitter account! I have a remarkable three people following me!

So, premise is indispensable for good story-telling and equally important for reinvention for the simple reason stated by Dumas, “How can you tell what road to take if you don’t know where you’re going?” My own corollary to that would be that the premise should always imply the journey. A goal is not enough since a goal alone might only produce wandering and wasted time.

Happy Writing and see you on Monday.