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The real value to blogging are the responses from fellow thinkers on their own personal journeys. We are not alone; it is an egregious mistake to think you are alone. Universal issues run through all our veins as a common thread, a connection that allows stories, plays, movies, books to bind us together. As one writer observed, “Plot is the stage on which character unfolds.” A similar argument can be made for the blogosphere! Blogging is the stage on which ideas unfold in multi-colors.”

If I may, I wish to recommend two sites that have responded to me. Each has proven to be a gem. First, I have spoken at some length about breathing and the physical side of creating. Please take a moment to consider Anitra and Under The Lotus Treehttp://underthelotustree.com/. She breathes greater depth to the issues of breathing and life. You will enjoy. A second referral is Kay Kenyon, http://www.kaykenyon.com/. Writing the World is rich compendium of ideas, tips, and shared experiences relating to writing. It is very informative and beautifully designed.

The danger in referrals is that we all become ‘full-up’ with a to-do list of reads and don’t take care of our task at hand. I believe these sites are valuable and I offer them as a suggestion. Make your own choices regarding what is important to your journey – we can’t be everywhere, lest we forget where we are.

Tomorrow I shall post on templates, those write by number systems of commercial abundance.